How skip permission in mobile chrome browser

am launch mobile chrome browser using App Packages every time while lauching browser asking for permission popups.please help me out regrading this issue am using capabilty
capabilities.setCapability(“autoGrantPermissions”, true); but it is not working


This is not permission. You just reset browser app data.
Review how you start app (capabilities noReset and fullReset) or add tap on e.g. Use without an account with ech start.

in my case am using chrome without an account whether noReset true will work

capabilities.setCapability(“noReset”, false); // Reset the app state
capabilities.setCapability(“fullReset”, true); // Reinstall the app

But you have fullReset = true, which means remove app = remove it data.
In any way you choose, at least ONE time, you need tap on Use without an account button.

got it Thank you so much problem was resolved.