How to access a "custom view" in android

Hello ,
I’ve a custom view which present some values, I was wondering how can I inspect these values by using appium driver ?


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UIAutomatorViewer does not help?


HI @sujata_kalluri , unfortunately , it doesn’t .

I cannot access a custom’s view values ( the viewer doesn’t see them)

If the “viewers” cannot see them, there is not much you can do.

At max you can take an image and do some OCR to identify your texts

Thanks @Telmo_Cardoso , are there any recommended frameworks in java for OCR ?

Hi @igal_epshtein,

One popular library is Sikuli Java API, that is used for image based recognition.
You might try it for your requirement.


Thanks ,
I’m familiar with siculi , and truly , not so happy with it …