How to achieve Parallel Test cases execution using Appium(Android) in C#.Net

Hi, I am beginner for Appium automation. I have automated set of android app test cases and they can execute sequentially in framework.
Can anyone suggest best approach to achieve Parallel execution of these test cases?
I did not find any firm solution for it as there are many threads on google with below options-

  1. Parallel Android Tests : Multiple Android sessions on a single machine on single server instance.
  2. Using multiple Appium server instances without selenium grid and multiple emulators.
  3. Using Selenium grid and multiple Appium server instances.
  4. Using Appium Grid.

It would help a lot. Thank you in advance.

@Lily I am also finding a way to execute C# appium android test cases in parallel. If you found good solution ,please share it with me.