How to add desired capabilities in Python after webdriver is open?


I am running parallel test on real Android smartphones at same time on several app.
My idea is to start Appium server and open the webdriver with the minimum desired capabilities.

And then, for each app, I will simply start the activity on corresponding app:

driver.start_activity('org.myapp', 'org.myapp.ui.LaunchActivity')

But then I would like to add 2 more desired capabilities:
desired_caps[‘appWaitPackage’] = ‘org.myapp’
desired_caps[‘appWaitActivity’] = ‘org.myapp.ui.LaunchActivity’

Because Appium is creating the issue and recommend me to add these desired capabilities which are specific to 1 app.
That is why I need to add them after I start_activity.

Is there a way to add desired capabilities after the line:
driver = webdriver.Remote('http://localhost:4723/wd/hub', desired_caps)

was executed?