How to append multiple text in text field - sendkeys always clearing the existed text

Hi friends,

i have a situation to send multiple texts in the same text field, first time it is properly sending text to text fields, but second time it is automatically clearing existed one, and sending the recent one, but i have to append both texts one beside and another one.

currently i am automating my application using appium:

there is post, i have to tag few users or groups in the post, first time I am Passing text with the help of sendkeys, i am able to tag the respected user and second time when i am passing another text, first tagged user and text is getting cleared and recently added text and tagged user was displayed, i want to tag at a time 2or 3 peoples. please help on… Thanks!!

Thats the default behaviour of the sendkeys method. you can click on the field, get the text, append with the text and then set it again.

it’s specific to tagging users, when I tagged first user, I need to tag another user, i can’t append tagged user with the text

If you are tagging user in this format @user1 , then try sending @exactUserID1 @exactUserID2
Let us know, an example text you are sending, so that we can help you more on this.

when I type @, it will display new pop up with list of user’s availble, i can search users and select 1 user at a time, so that particualr user will display like ex:ravikiran(Under user it will display blue color link)(hyperlink), again i need type @to select another user

but here, when i pass @list of users getting displayed and i am able to select 1 user, but second time i am sending same @ previously tagged user and text is getting cleard and only recently tagged user is displayed