How to automate an iOS native app on real device(the release build) which is not signed with developer profile?

Hi There,

Can any one help to find a solution to automate an iOS app(release build) which is not signed with developer profile using Appium ?

If any one know the solution please share the details


AFAIK that’s resolved now with the move to XCUITest framework, using xcode 8+
least so far I’ve not had to do so, was able to download a few apps from appstore and drive them. also built-in like keynotes, calculator etc.

Just download the app from AppStore and provide a capability “Full Reset” to False.
If you want to find BundleID of the app, while executing the script check the appium logs… you will find it…

But the problem is you have to sign WebDriverAgent for sure. As XCUITESTDriver launches WebDriverAgent first before launching your AUT