How to automate chrome using appium on iOS? Is it possible? Please help with links

How to automate Chrome using Appium on iOS? Is it possible? Please, help with links.

Hi @ashmitB
U need selenium to automate chrome browser.

This channel will help you to configure.

@MohammedAfroz thanks, but I needed some suggestions related to Chrome specific automation using appium tool as I want to automate on iOS mobile device i.e. tablet.

Hi @ashmitB

I haven’t done chrome browser automation on iOS mobile devices till now. my apologies for that.

But as far as I know, you need selenium dependency in pom.xml if you are using a maven project

click on mobile mode(left icon to Elements and console and beside Arrow icon ) to inspect elements

and rest you need to write a selenium script.

Thank you.

Thanks, but this is not what I am looking for.