How to automate Dots in carousel on Android using Appium

Please let me know how to automate Dots in carousel on Android using Appium. Please check this image for what is carousel. at-least i did not know what these dots are called in Technical terms.

Please check following screenshot for UIAutomator view as well. Four dots are not even identified as different elements. I want to click on all of these dots and verify the text.

Given that you have the XY Coordinates of the View, you could swipe in one direction or the other to navigate forward or backwards

Thanks for the reply. the functionality is such that it scrolls automatically but your answer is also correct. Thanks !!

If the touch action is specifically restricted to some part of the screen,how can we verify.Moreover getting XY co-ordinates of the view cannot suffice the issue if automation has to be done on different devices with different scaling parameters(dimensions)

The scenario you describe is one where you have a scrollable element on the screen. Find that scrollable element and get it’s coordinates. Then you can build your swipe method using those values and it works for all different devices since you calculate where you start your swipe from and where it goes to.

Hi Willosser,

Could you please help me how to start with writing test scripts for localization tests(i.e code basis),as I am new to this tool.If you have any sample code could you please list out for me.