How to automate drawing a signature in appium


I want to automate the e-signature using on android devices using appium.

I have tried with the below mentioned code but it does not worked.

By signPad=“com.test.test.test/consent_form_signature_pad”);

Actions builder = new Actions(driver);
WebElement canvasElement = driver.findElement(signPad);
Action drawAction = builder.moveToElement(canvasElement, 20, 20)
.moveByOffset(80, 80)
.moveByOffset(50, 20)

But it does not seems to be working.
Can anyone help?


Asim, were you able to find solution for your question? I am also trying to automate drawing signature in Appium.


Hi Swathi Ji,

I am also facing the same issue. Did you find out any option to solve this issue??. If Yes please share the idea or code.

Thank you so much in advance…