How to automate drawing a signature in appium

I want to automate the e-signature using on android devices using appium.

I have tried with the below mentioned code but it does not worked.

By signPad=“com.test.test.test/consent_form_signature_pad”);

Actions builder = new Actions(driver);
WebElement canvasElement = driver.findElement(signPad);
Action drawAction = builder.moveToElement(canvasElement, 20, 20)
.moveByOffset(80, 80)
.moveByOffset(50, 20)

But it does not seems to be working.
Can anyone help?

Asim, were you able to find solution for your question? I am also trying to automate drawing signature in Appium.

Hi Swathi Ji,

I am also facing the same issue. Did you find out any option to solve this issue??. If Yes please share the idea or code.

Thank you so much in advance…

Hi, Did anyone of you find a solution to automate the signature in Appium?

I used tap. Just did many taps that are close to each other and visually this makes affect as signing

Hi Aleksei,

Could you please share the code …
Could you please help me how to handle the signature pad