How to automate fingerprint detection! in android phone


I want to automate the fingerprint feature in android phone without bypassing the feature

Any suggestions

Thanks in Advance!!

I went mechanical for testing this. We had an app which allowed you to log in with a fingerprint for 24 hours if you had recently logged in with a password.

To test the app, I created a latex mold of the bottom of my foot (didn’t want to use a real fingerprint). I then used that mold to register it as my fingerprint. Once that was registered with the iPhone I could tape it to the fingerprint sensor. Our app was designed so it would start up then check for the fingerprint. So we could just leave it taped to the sensor and it seemed to work.

I was planning on using Lego Mindstorm to build a robot that I could control to tap the sensor with the fingerprint but it turned out I did not need that.


Thanks!! for reply @darrell888
Pretty cool though! I was looking if we could bypass it by some command.

Hi guys,

Did you manage to find a solution for this?

@igal_epshtein you can with emulator from 6.0 version -


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Any idea if it’ll work with GenyMotion as well ?


@igal_epshtein no idea about genymotion. BTW is there any benefit for genymotion now? (2year ago genymotion was times faster. but now… i see android emulator very fast even on start also.)

We are working with both actually, android emulator and geny.

Geny has a bit more capabilities than Android emulator, you can control your device, control the network, etc