How to automate sending data in parallel from 100 devices to one single address


I need to send msg from 100 devices in parallel to one single address ?

Can anyone suggest any way to automate this scenario
Thanks in Advance.

there is no difference between are all SMS where originated from 100 devices or where sent using some GSM modem or GSM SMS provider. all SMS will be recieved one by one on destination phone. i suggest to generate all SMS using API of some SMS provider e.g. twilio or similar

@Aleksei Actually,I want to load test msgs from different devices hitting the nodes at the same time?

@s10v10s so you may just generate 100 sms from any place available.

@Aleksei How do we achieve that?

just use any api available for any service available with any language you know and supported by SMS provider.

e.g. with twillio and java - or

@Aleksei Thanks! I will try

@s10v10s BTW maybe you can try also FREE way to emulate SMS in emulator/simulator e.g. with android -