How to catch element like small Copy pop-up

Using Appium-Android-driver for Android (version 5 and up) application automatic testing

Try to automate copy of message in chat
My screen looks like here:

In RED the element I need to tap/click

UIAutomater doesn’t catch the element:

Any ideas how to catch it?

Thanks in advance

If underlying framework is not allowing you to view the element in inspector then it is not possible to automate.

  1. You can verify with your dev team if element is under webview ? then try chrome inspector
  2. for native app, you can again check with dev team to put the native element in app so that it can be inspected.
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I tried doing this by:

  • doing a vertical swipe on android screen to open notifications.

  • clearing old notifications.

  • After getting message.

  • Opening notification and reading message directly from notifications without being to navigate through message application.

To make vertical swipe you need to know exactly the location of the notification, right? The location depending on the size of phone screen, right?
Could you, please, provide the code example? It looks I don’t completely understand what do you mean. Sorry, I’m quite a new in Appium automation