How to change newCommandTimeout

I wanted my appium browser should stay morethan 60 sec, tried following ways , but no luck.

  1. In Developer settings, tried following combinations for “Custom server flags”
    -> newCommandTimeout : 600
    -> newCommandTimeout 600

  2. Tried changing default time in \Appium\node_modules\appium\lib\ . But didnt get default time.

Please suggest , confirm its a appium issue or any work around.

related to :

you need to add another parameter to desired capabilities.
in Python it looks:
desired_caps[‘newCommandTimeout’] = ‘5000’

Does this timeout apply to promote appium methods?

@Borys_Deriy : Thanks a lot for the reply , its working.
for Java , I used following

xxxxxx.setCapability (“newCommandTimeout”, 120);

@SRIKANTH_SADHU : this timeout helps to keep mobile browser active for longer time.

@SRIKANTH_SADHU @RaviK is it millisecs ?