How to check Appium Version using server connection

Is there any method to check appium version with the socket connection? Checking the executable version is easy, but doesn’t guarantee thats the version running on the server the tests are running against.

You can try sending a GET request to the path /wd/hub/status at the address where Appium is running. This should return a JSON object that contains the version details of Appium. e.g. if Appium is running locally on port 4723, I can visit localhost:4723/wd/hub/status.


The above was a HUGE help - Thanks!

Know how to get the address of the server programmatically? I’m using Python and have tried different calls to driver.execute, but I can’t get those to work without an error.

I don’t think I understand the question. Shouldn’t the address of the server (and the port it’s running on) be known beforehand?

Yes, you should know it I guess if you’re connected. I think I was making it much harder than it should have been… Thanks for the reply.