How to check if String element exist lowercase or uppercase

Hi, am using Android APPIUM.

I doing this to check if string element exist or not -

public UiObject groupMenuOption(String id ,String Temptext){
groupMenuOption = new UiSelector().resourceId(id).text(Temptext).makeUiObject();
return groupMenuOption;

if ( telemessage.groupMenuScreem.groupMenuOption(SetUpGeneral.ApplicationPackage , “Call”).exist() )

The problem is that the String “Call” can be also “call” or “CALL”… how can i check is string element exist for lowercase or uppercase ?

Thanks !

String testString =“call”;
boolean b=testString.equalsIgnoreCase(“ActualString”);

b would be true for ActualString value of call and CALL.

its working !! Thanks !! :slight_smile: