How To Click a Native Menu

I am trying to interact with a native ios menu

It is a UIAlertController

However when I click it seems to click through the menu (i.e on the element behind the menu)

No matter what locator I use for the menu item it always finds it but clicks behind.

Please help

Appium Version: 1.21.0
Java Client

you did not add page source but try e.g.:

@iOSXCUITFindBy(iOSNsPredicate = "name == 'Send Message' OR label ==  'Send Message'  AND visible == 1")
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The issue is that the menu is an allert and I have autoAcceptAlert set to true so it automatically click the first item, which kinda sucks cause now I either need to not do this test or refactor the entire test suite to not auto accept alerts :frowning:

You can only not accept alerts ONLY in this test and start driver with reinstall of app. All magic in code you wrote.