How to click context in RecyclerView by using Appium, JAVA

Hi all

I am studying about Appium and I can’t count child in RecyclerView.
of course, I already red all of thing about this problem in this site but I can’t solve it.

this is the app’s hierarchy that I want to test.
And I wanna click RelativeLayout that child of RecyclerView.

However I cant I dont know why.

I try two way,


List list =test_driver.findElements(“com.sample:id/list”))

but it both don’t work.
please help me, I spent 2 days for solving this problem.

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I have a similar problem except that I cannot find nor grab any element in Recycler view at all, even though finding elements in other views works perfectly. Executing find_element_by_xpath starts, but doesn’t stop. And methods find_element_by_id or find_element_by_android_uiautomator complain that the element I am looking for could not be located on the page by throwing an exception.

I have sometimes solved this by getting all the subelements in the Recycler view. Assuming the parentElement is your recyclerView something like this (I have wrapped creating the ‘by’ of a UiSelector, so this probably isn’t perfect). You should be able to also give the classname instead of “.*”

List results = parentElement.findElements(MobileBy.AndroidUIAutomator(“new UiSelector().classNameMatches(”.*")"));