How to click on suggested List of contacts in android


In Text message,
While we enter two characters in the recipient field, there is a list of suggestion(contacts) is shown… how to click on this suggested contacts.

i am using appium
and android emulator with api level 21.

Any suggestion would be helpful, Thanks in advance.

Sudhanva M

Could you please tell me, Are you able to identify them( list of suggestion(contacts) is shown) on Inspector or UIAutomatorviewer ?

No i am not able to identify them through UI automatorviewer.



I brought up instant message on my MotoX and typed a letter. Android showed a list of suggestions. When I brought up UIAutomator, it did not show the suggestion window, nor does “adb shell uiautomator dump” (which I suppose is not that surprising). It appears to be an activity that’s put on top of your window but not available through the hierarchy.

I tried using dpad_down (adb shell input keyevent 20) and can move the cursor to the different entries, but enter (keyevent 66) doesn’t select the entry.

Sorry, but I don’t know how to solve this one.