How to close pop ups


I want to close a pop up or select a button inside pop-up to continue running my test. I am using java web testing. My scenario is i click get app and a pop-up pops asking user (GooglePlay, Chrome, etc), so i want to choose one them and click just once and page will load to get app in a new tab if i chose chrome or google play opens if i chose google play. I want to run both scenario not necessarilly at the same time to check if it does go to google play or the web version but then go back to main window page that i was using in the beginning and click a different button (i.e about us).

I hope that makes sense. Any questions just shout. thanks

@Zakariya_Serroukh, I’m not certain what your question is.

Are you asking if it can be done? The answer to that is “yes”.

Are you asking what the potential pitfalls are? You have to figure out how to identify which app was loaded. You might consider checking current_activity after you select which the desired app.