How to configure Appium to restrict unnecessary name tags

Currently when we run our app through Appium some unnecessary tags are coming which makes the app slower in Appium xml file. Is. there any way to configure Appium to get rid of these name tags that is repeating in the red box
Platform : tvOS

it is not appium but ios problem. how you trying to find element?

We are trying to find elements by Attribute name

@Aleksei. Thank you very much for your reply, Apologise for the typo in the previous question. Can I ask you if there is a config to stop Appium auto generating the accessibility tags (names), because currently they are being repeated across all the element tree? Because what I am after is to pass down my own accessibility tags, rather than Appium generating them for me

this is not Appium generates but iOS itself. write code how you search for any element. possibly we can suggest you faster solution.