How to confirm pop up appears?

Hi All,

I am currently automating one testCase for IOS, in which when I click on element to rate the app, it opens up the rating pop up, in which I am trying to confirm:

  1. whether the pop up appears on clicking on the “Rate the app” element
  2. Click on “Not now” to remove the pop up from the screen.

Does anyone knows how can I achieve these two task in IOS.

@Aleksei Do you have any thoughts on the same? Or could you please redirect this question to someone who can help me out in this? Thanks :slight_smile:

The attributes listed eg xpath seems to be very big and complex.

That is why I would like to have the input in this case.

i use:

    // iOS dialog
    @iOSXCUITFindBy(id = "Not Now")
    private WebElement skipRateAppButton;

Are you using this in your script? Is it working? Because in my case I don’t have ‘id’ as ‘Not now’ or do you mean to add this type of code in my flutter app code?

‘Name’ attribute is ID for ios. Yes works without issue.