How to connect wifi on real iOS device?

I am doing a test with appium on iOS 7.0.3 and I have no idea to connect my device to an AP with wifi.
Is there any method can achieve this like set_network_connection on Android? Other way, I tried to press home key manually(I don’t know how to press home key on iOS with appium, neither.), and then findout the setting app and click it, but it does nothing even it can find the element named settings. Why?

Try specifically automating the settings app, rather than pressing the home button.

You mean to create two sessions in my test, one for settings and the other for my target app?
But as I know, we can create only one session at the same time in appium. How to control my target app and ios settings at the same time in one test?

Oh… you can’t automate both in the same test :frowning:

That’s a pity. Can we aumate the local settings app in iOS? What’s the bundle of this app?

Yes you can automate the ios settings app, we do it in the appium test suite. You can look for examples there.

Hi @jonahss, do you have examples? sorry, I cannot find.

You’re going to like this answer:

All you need to do is pass ‘settings’ as the app in the desired capabilities.

desired_capabilities = {app: 'settings'}

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With xcode9 and ios 11 : it is possible to run over wifi

Did anyone manage to run test over WiFi on a real iOS Device?

I can’t get it running even with Xcode 9 and iOS 11

It’s not supported per below thread