How to control two mobile devices from a Single test in Parallel

I am using Robot framework for high level scripting with using Appium Library
I would like to know how to run single script on 2 devices in parallel using Python

I do not know about Robot framework but i handles two devices same time in one suite. All things i have done in Java.
So high level approach would be Create Master script-- Which handles interaction between two devices.
Device device1 = new Device(“Device1”);
Device device2 = new Device(“Device2”);
Class Device{
public Device(String cap){
if(caps.equalIgnore(“Device 1”)){
// Initialize device1 capability and android driver 1
public void openWeb(String site){

So above code is just sample code. you can implement as per your way.

Priyank Shah

Thanks Priyanka.Does this also include appium with selenium grid?