How to do accessibility testing with Appium

Hi all :wave:, I would like to perform an general accessibility audit of the app that I’m testing using Appium. Is it possible for me to write a test that navigates to each screen of the app, scans the screen, and tells me things like any touch targets that are below 48px, contrast issues, missing content descriptions, etc.?

I was looking into Axe Core for WDIO but not sure if something like what I need exists for Appium to work with native or a hybrid app.

Thank you so much for your help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi dpg. doing a11y testing not a straight forward case also not suggested via appium

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thank you! For now I decided to query element attributes with Appium and validate that things like “content description” and “touch target” size are correct (calculating width and height). I’ll be doing more a11y testing manually to compensate for what I can’t do with Appium.