How to do automation testing of Samsung Tizen Smart TV using Appium?

I have a Samsung T4 Tizen Series real smart device. I want to write a sample application for automation testing on it, so how to do that using Appium or any similar library or framework tools?

There is a driver for it:, although I don’t see Samsung actively maintaining it since year 2020. Try to write them and ask about the fate of this project. is another driver for appium 2.0

Hi @KazuCocoa
Thanks for the reply,

I tried to use this repo, but facing an issue on installation below command not work,

$ appium driver install --source=npm appium-tizen-tv-driver

Could you please suggest to me how can I do that?

See logs photo.:

Hi @mykola-mokhnach,

Thanks for your reply.:smiley:

I tried this solution, but facing some issues on sdb shell side, I think.

See below error logs.

Original error: Error executing sdbExec. Original error: ‘Command ‘/Users/imac/tizen-studio/tools/sdb -s shell ‘app_launcher --list | grep org.tizen.volume-setting’’ exited with code 1’; Stderr: ‘closed’; Code: ‘1’

Have any idea bout this error also I’m cross check with $sdb shell command. see the below Photos.
Tries another grep command to receive closed status. see attached.

[email protected] ~ % sdb -s shell ‘app_launcher --list | grep org.tizen.volume-setting’
[email protected] ~ %

have any suggestions?

I don’t have any experience using that driver. Consider creating an issue to its maintainers

Okay, No Problem.

let me know if you have any other solutions or instructions.