How to do automation testing of Samsung Tizen Smart TV using Appium?

I have a Samsung T4 Tizen Series real smart device. I want to write a sample application for automation testing on it, so how to do that using Appium or any similar library or framework tools?

There is a driver for it:, although I don’t see Samsung actively maintaining it since year 2020. Try to write them and ask about the fate of this project. is another driver for appium 2.0

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Hi @KazuCocoa
Thanks for the reply,

I tried to use this repo, but facing an issue on installation below command not work,

$ appium driver install --source=npm appium-tizen-tv-driver

Could you please suggest to me how can I do that?

See logs photo.:

Hi @mykola-mokhnach,

Thanks for your reply.:smiley:

I tried this solution, but facing some issues on sdb shell side, I think.

See below error logs.

Original error: Error executing sdbExec. Original error: ‘Command ‘/Users/imac/tizen-studio/tools/sdb -s shell ‘app_launcher --list | grep org.tizen.volume-setting’’ exited with code 1’; Stderr: ‘closed’; Code: ‘1’

Have any idea bout this error also I’m cross check with $sdb shell command. see the below Photos.
Tries another grep command to receive closed status. see attached.

[email protected] ~ % sdb -s shell ‘app_launcher --list | grep org.tizen.volume-setting’
[email protected] ~ %

have any suggestions?

I don’t have any experience using that driver. Consider creating an issue to its maintainers

Okay, No Problem.

let me know if you have any other solutions or instructions.

Hi Kishan, you can try which on top of HTML-based Tizen apps also supports HbbTV (broadcaster) apps on Samsung TVs. You can create a free account and use our public Samsung and LG devices with a video feed. No need for installation of an Appium server or any other software. On top of an Appium client you can also use our codeless test editor or our JS API. Let me know if you have further questions.