How to do mobile UI testing?

Hi All ,

I have a application which I need to test on multiple devices , but manually its takes long time .
Please suggest me a way to do this automate the UI testing which tells me elements are on correct position , element displaying properly like .Can appium allow to do this ?

If u have used selenium then getCssValue method does not work with app’s as Android UIAutomation framework does not allow that…

  1. You can get location of an element displayed inside an app
  2. You can do other UI and functional Testing of app

Mobile browser automation is also supported by appium…

Thanks Amit for reply .
I have a native mobile app which works in local , not on browser .
So I have to work with native app , so please can you tell me is it possible to get location of element in this case for native app .

Yes u can get the location of an element in native app using appium. Appium supports almost all api’s of selenium

Here is a way to get location coordinates of element. Just u need to have locator of element using xpath,id,className etc

int startX = driver.findElement(By.xpath(“locator”)).getLocation.getX();
int startY = driver.findElement(By.xpath(“locator”)).getLocation.getY();

I recommend to start automation using appium…