How to emulate weak signal strength for WIFI/BLE on real device?

Hi Guys

I need help with emulating weak signal strength for WIFI/BLE on real device

Thank you!

I would be happy to help?
Maybe there’s a way to do it?

No way to do it in Appium. At my work we use Raspberry Pi’s to represent different types of Wifi. Not sure about controlling the signal strength, but maybe you could move it some distance away. The signal isn’t very strong to begin with:

Both Android and iOS have developer support for testing mobile apps behavior under network conditions. You are far better off either doing that kind of testing manually, or using a bandwidth limiter or hotspot. Downside is the simple hotspots are not going to model real traffic packet behavior at all really and will probably only show performance problems. If performance and NOT reliability is the goal with the rig, then would go with that. It comes with other problems though once you limit your network bandwidth. Where I am we do test for the performance use-case, but use a bespoke bit of old kit that you cannot get easily anymore, but is pretty much following what @wreed describes. In a previous job we used a thing called nistnet , but it’s discontinued, but was pretty slick because it was an open source unix/posix tool, which gave a load of fine grained control of traffic and was designed for network error and speed simulations. I heard that you can get wireshark plugins to do this now too. Suspect everyone is going to have a bespoke setup, because these are fiddly to do without networking expertise.

Nistnet is still around. Could probably install on Pi.

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