How to enable chrome webview for android mobile devices which not include chrome browser?

I want to open hybrid android application webview inside the chrome debugger. How to do it ? Or is it cannot to enable it from chrome browser ?

Thank you

This has worked for me:

yes, that’s worked for me also. Thank you :D. Do you know how to debug hybrid application without using chrome debugger. For ex: some android emulators doesn’t have google play store for install chrome browser. So how to debug hybrid applications from inbuilt browsers ? Or is it impossible ?

I wont say it is impossible to go without chrome debugger but it is really, the only method I have used at runtime. Ive always ignored the Android images that dont include the Play Store because I have no intention of supporting devices without it. Do you need chrome debugging while the tests are running or are you trying to ‘debug’ the application in order to use an inspector (so you can write tests agains xPath for example)? If its the latter, do you have any access to chrome on Android? Do you have access to the hybrid app’s source code? You could host the app as a website using NodeJS and use desktop Chrome’s inspector to get you through.