How to execute pressButton method using appium and robot framework for iOS 17

Im using “Execute Script” keyword to run this method: mobile: pressButton{name: “home”} on a real device (iPhone 12, iOS 17.2.1) connected to a MacMini M2 (Sonoma 14.1.1).

Execute Script    mobile: pressButton{name: "home"}

Webdriver throws an exception with this message: Method is not implemented.

Is there something wrong with the syntax or something else?

Appium version: 2.0.1, robotframework-appiumlibrary:, Python version: 2.7.14

I want to press Home button on a real iPhone device.

I hope someone here knows robot framework and can answer your question (I can’t). However, have you tried the robot framework discussion forum? Seems robust and with a lot of users who specifically answer RF questions:

xcuitest driver version is probably to old. Make sure it is up to date

i have not tried yet. i will also ask there. thanks!

From Appium:
Available drivers:

the latest one is 5.14.0