How to find element by text ignoring case?

I was trying match by regex and lower-case methods, they don’t work in Selendroid as I understand…
Also I tried translate method, but it works super slow.

Can you give an example why this is necessary of your situation?

If the element doesn’t have consistent casing, then it’s probably not a reliable identifier and you might need to find another locator that is more consistent.

If it’s the text you’re interested in, you should probably validate on element.getText()

Its an old discusssion, but I need this now also :-).
On android 7 the buttons on dialogs (for Example, OK, Cancel) are written all in upper-case. On older android versions this does not seem the case.

A case insenstive search for the label would make things easier.

bump… @nathan is right about this. Android 7 capitalizes texts on dialog buttons

Hi, any update about this problem please ?

We have the same need. TextView (text values) are caps in Android 7 and 8 and camelcase in Android 6. Please help.