How to find elements in hybrid app in appium for android

Hi, I am new in automation testing.
I am unable to find elements in hybrid app by using UIAutomator. It shows two different parameters to get the same element.
1- when i click there using Uiautomator then it shows different values of class, index and package-

2- when i click there then i get diffrent values of class, index and package for same element-

I tried to run script using both type of value but emulator is unable to find element.
Please suggest me how can I find the element in hybrid app.

Second screenshot shows you are inspecting the text element and in the first screenshot inspecting the whole level. For which element you want get locator?

@chetan_thummar I was trying to get input element on DOM with help of xPath through uiautomator, and while doing so, i dont have resourseId or text on uiautomator screenshot so that i can findElement(By.class()) or by findElement(By.xpath()) or any of the attribute i have on input, do you have any idea of how to get elements from an angular hybrid application?