How to find SWIPE co-ordinates using Appium


I want to use swipe function in iOS and as all know iOS uses default function of delete key using swipe I want to know how to inspect swipe co-ordinates using Appium inspector or any other source. I want to know the exact value of start x start y end x end y when I use swipe in iOS and I am using Appium-Ruby.

Record your test with appium inspector, you will find the test script at the bottom with your actions that includes the co-ordinates.
Amarnath Rayudu


I tried the step you said earlier but couldn’t get the swipe co-ordinates when I fix begin and end point. I want to know when I record and use swipe button in inspector it asks to fix touch, begin, end and duration. I tried all ways to get exact swipe co-ordinates but it went wrong. So please brief up the steps to handle swipe function. I am using appium 1.4.13 and iOS simulator 8.4

You can swipe with it .
int Xfirst = findElementbyXpath("").getLocation().getX();
int Xfirstr=Xfirst + Xfirst;
int Yfirst= findElementbyXpath("").getLocation().getY();
driver.swipe(Xfirst + 300,Yfirst, Xfirst,Yfirst,5000);


I cannot understand way you said, the problem is I cannot get X and Y plots to use as swipe co-ordinates

can anyone help??? I need to find exact coordinate for swipe but i am unable to get in appium inspector if getting i can use driver.swipe method