How to find the bundle id of app installed in simulator

I wanted to get the list fo the bundle id of the apps installed in the simulator
i know we can get the list in real device using this command:
idevice_id -l. ----> to get the list of the udid
ideviceinstaller -u -l. > it will return the list of bundle id of the physical ios devices

can someone please help for the simulator as well.

iOS Simulator does not keep application bundles in the same folder.
You could use xcrun simctl get_app_container <sim_id> <app_id> command to get the full path to the given app container.

In order to find all custom installed apps (system apps are kept separately) you could simply recursively scan the data/Containers root from the output above for application bundles presence.

ok @mykola-mokhnach can you please tell how to find app_id

@Love_Soni where you get APP that is installed on simulator?

@Aleksei I am trying to find the bundleId of apps which are already installed in the simulator like calendar etc.

@Love_Soni ->

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Thanks a lot @Aleksei