How to find the child element when based on the specific condition if there is no proper hierarchy

Below is the Flow in the App,

I need to click on the edit button based on the specific ticket number but there is no parent value where i can check,

Below is the blocks in App

Ticket Number
Ticket Name
Edit Button


Ticket Number
Ticket Name
Edit Button

The elements path are as follows

Ticket1- Ticket Number- XCUIDElement20
Ticket1- Ticket Name XCUIDElement21
Ticket1- Edit Button XCUIDElement22

Ticket2- Ticket Number- XCUIDElement23
Ticket2- Ticket Name XCUIDElement24
Ticket2- Edit Button XCUIDElement25

Element Number always vary depending upon the number of tickets it display and in the APP all other elements follow the similar flow.

One Possible solution which is think is if i find the xpath element for first ticket number likeXCUIDElement[20] the remaining ones will be increase in the position , so edit button will be 22 so i can pass the xpath value number … Is there any way i can retrieve the xpath using get attribute?