How to find the elements list in which part of the list is displayed in the non-visible area

Hi All,
I have a scenario in which I gave to get the list of items, with the same name/ID, in a particular screen (Like Search Result). But Appium can find elements only in the visible area. How can I handle this?
If I swipe down and take the list again, it is not taking the elements displayed above.

I’m guessing you mean on Android.

Yeah, you have to scroll and get all the elements yourself. Android UiAutomator doesn’t really know about views which aren’t visible.

Jonah, I’m not certain I understand your answer. I used uiautomator for a year and didn’t too many problems scrolling through list items using list items and scrollIntoView:

There were some short comings to this solution as uiautomator couldn’t handle a very long list and we had to implement our own implementation of scrollTextIntoView to find the item.

It seems like I should be able to scroll through an object and not just a page. Given that there seem to be a number of questions about this functionality, I’d like to see it added to Appium. Having everyone roll there own doesn’t serve much purpose.