How to generate Test reports in appium

Hi ,
Can anyone please help me with how to generate Test reports in Appium. I am using Eclipse.

What testing framework are you using? If you use TestNG, it has a nice built-in test results HTML file.

I would ask the same question :slight_smile:

I am using Python with unittest. Any thoughts?

Selenium doesnt have any support for generating test result report.

If you want to generate separate HTML test result reports you need to use other Components or APIs.

You can use TestNG, but the result reports are not that fancy.

You can use ExtentReports with rich UI metrics and Dashboard reports and can specify at step level.

So use the API from “ExtentReports

how u make test report using appium java and IDE is intelliz idea??

It doesnt matter what IDE you use. ExtentReports is an API. You just need to invoke methods as per your needs. In ExtentReports, go through the documentation they have provided to get a base understanding of it.

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Posting a link to the homepage product is not an answer. And answer should contain either and explanation why this product or (better) go straight to the relevant documentation page.

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