How to get all the Attributes for your element if you don't have any detail except XPath?

Hi All,

I got only X-Path for my element which i extracted from mobile application. So I wanted to get all the details/properties/attributes for my searched element. Except x-path i don’t have any details like what are the attribute/tags are there.

So can someone please guide me how can I get these details.

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You can view screen of your app in uiautomatoriewer or Appium Inspector it will display all the properties of app elements

@amitjaincoer191 - Actually problem is also there, I can’t see anything in UIAutomator. That’s why i asked this question if is there any logic to get these things.

Are you trying to find the details programmatically? You could find your element using xpath and dump all the properties to stdout.


Thanks, can you please also suggest, how can i do stdout here. With one example or code lines. It really helps.

By stdout, I mean printing it to output. print/puts/log – whatever you are using to print on your project.