How to get Appium iOS application Logs?

I am trying to automate an iOS mobile application.
I need to assert my test by output from Log.
any way I could do that on iOS?
on android it worked well with Logcat.
I tried the following:

logs = driver.get_log(‘syslog’)

the output was the device log rather then app log…

I tried also putting log level to “debug” and also added showIOSLog to my desired capabilities …
any help would be much appreciated I am out of ideas ):

the log could be saved to application documents as a simple text file and then retrieved by appium

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thank you for responding!
i am new to python…
can you show me how?

Hi I didn’t this was possible, it would help me a ton, if there were some step to do it this. Any docs with outline?

wait is it just this

i was able to get app logs through an external app.
the app write them to a folder, after that i retrieve the logs in python and assert with them…
but nothing is perfect… my problem now is that after each time i retrieve logs, the log folder gets bigger and cant be cleaned.
the only way i can clean the log folder is by clearing the app cache.

very nice but from where did you pull the logs?