How to get code coverage report after test cases are executed

Hi All,

I am trying to get code coverage report after Test Suite is executed, has anyone implemented this.
Please suggest how can i achieve this.


Its not API testing . To get the code coverage you need to have the source code. As per my knowledge

You need to have the source code and it needs to be ‘instrumented’.

Yes i have my android build code

@vikas_verma Instead of test coverage; you can send “User Stories” ( written in Gerhkin syntax ) coverage reports.

Out of say 10 User Stories; you could automate 8 then it’s 80% coverage.

I use Appium with Cucumber + User Stories and find it quite useful to all the departments in company

Exclusive logs after test case executions are already generated, but how much amount of code is executed after test scripts are run, is the main target to achieve. like in web we use sonar report, i m not getting anything in mobile to do that