How to get Fail mark on the dashboard?

Hello again.

I set for a certain condition like below



                self.result = "AD_error"


and it worked fine in the terminal


FAIL: test_whowhomonitor (main.TestAppium.test_whowhomonitor)

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “d:\Benchmark\WW AD Monitor_Fin copy”, line 155, in tearDown“AD_error”)
AssertionError: AD_error

but my Dashboard says that all the cases are passed
is there a way to get fail mark intentionally on the dashboard?
Thank you

Can you explain what the Dashboard is? Appium doesn’t have a native dashboard. Maybe you are using some 3rd party plugin or library?

sudharsan-selvaraj/appium-dashboard-plugin: Appium plugin that provides complete test logs, video recording of test and device logs(logcat and syslogs) for easy debugging. (

This one :slight_smile:

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How are you starting Appium server?

With python code on VS code or windows terminal

Ok. Give me the actual windows terminal command and the python code.