How to get list of elements in Appium (wd.elementsByXPath, ios Simulator, javascript) and iterate through the elements?

Hello everyone.

I need your help, maybe someone have experience with this or any suggestions…
I need to handle items from the dynamic list. But I can not get object with the elements list (e.g. Array).

I’m using appium + ios (application on the Simulator) managed by webdriver (wd). I’m using javascript implementation.

The application (React-Native, iPhone) contains list of dynamic items.

Here is, how I see it in the inspector:

When I getting this in the code (using wd: elementsByXPath), I can not get the object with the elements list (I call it ‘elements’ in the example below). Array contains only one element…
Resolved promise in IDEA-debug:

So, the question: how can I get the list of elements and iterate throw it?

Thanks in advance!