How to get safari browser log on iOS?

I’m trying to get the browser log (the one showing the prints from console.log() calls made in the browser that the test ran in) on iOS safari browser. I can get ‘syslog’, but this does not have the console logs from the browser in it, only diagnostic type messages from the system. I tried enabling the showIOSLog option but this just makes the same syslog prints show up in Appium’s stdout, it still doesn’t contain the console logs from the browser. Also while the Safari Developer tools work if I manually open iOS simulator and view my page, when Appium launches the simulator then the Safari Developer menu has the item for it grayed out, so I can’t use that to view the console log either. I must be missing something, but all I can find is info on how to view the syslog, is there some way to view the browser log or at least have the console.log() messages show up in the syslog so I can get to them?