How to get text from label?

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I am using appium flutter driver with wdio and there is one element in heirachy from which I want to extract text for the price and verify it.

Below is the dev code for the same:

return Semantics(
label: text.stripHtml,
child: Wrap(crossAxisAlignment:, children: widgets,),
key: Key(“catalog_product_card_price”)

Below is the script code to get text from it:

for (const catalogItem of menClothingSubCatalogMap[subCatalog]) { to ${catalogItem} ${catalog_product_#${index}});
await driver.execute(‘flutter:scrollIntoView’, find.byValueKey(catalog_product_#${index}), { alignment: 0.1 });
await driver.execute(‘flutter:waitFor’, find.byValueKey(catalog_product_#${index}));
const catalogPrice = find.descendant({
of: find.byValueKey(catalog_product_#${index}),
matching: find.bySemanticsLabel(‘catalog_product_card_price’),

    const price =  await driver.getElementText(catalogPrice);
    const regex = /^[¢£$kc¥€]{1}\d{1,}(\.\d{1,3})?$/ig;
    const results = regex.test(price);

In my case getElementText() is not working using above approach.
Can someone pls tell me what I am missing at my end?
Thanks :slight_smile:
Below is the console log for the value of catalogPrice

Below is the error I am facing using getElementText()

what test framework and language bindings are you using? Java? It looks like something is hosed/not initialized. you could dump the page source or DOM and then people can help you a bit more.

Thanks for the reply. Here is the required information:
I am using appium flutter driver with wdio.
Language used in my framework: TypeScript

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Oh, sorry, I’m not using flutter driver.
I only know how the uiautomator2 and xcuitest webdriver wrappers get used. We may need to actually find some proper docs on the flutter driver and find some examples. They are a totally different thing to drive.

how to get the value of a label in xcuitest webdriver

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