How to get text of element

I have some legacy c# code that uses “myAndroidElement.GetAttribute(“name”);” to get the text of the element .

After upgrading my Selenium.WebDriver and Selenium.Support and Appium packages ,
I get error :
“OpenQA.Selenium.WebDriverException: Method is not implemented” and it is originating at the GetAttribute method .

Ok , I get that this function is probably deprecated or something … but how then do I get the text of the element ?
I have tried myAndroidElement.Text but it is returning empty string .
I have tried javascript.ExecuteScript and same thing “Method is not implemented” …
Tried different package versions , nothing works .

Only thing that works is to revert to very old packages but it is not an option for us .

Nobody knows how to get the text of an element ?

With Java client it is: elelement.getText();

Ok , I guess I will have to find out how to open a ticket or something .