How to get the total number of list items in appium python?

Is there any possibility that we can get number of items in a list using appium python?
Currently appium python webdriver shows only visible ui items count in a list.

Please help


In Anrdoid, Appium would list out only the items that are visible on the screen. If you want to get the entire list, you would need to scroll and keep on adding new elements from the list. This happens only in Android, In case of iOS, you don’t need to scroll. Getting the list count would return all the items in iOS even if they are not visible currently.

Thanks for the reply Anish.

Could you please post some piece of code related to get the complete list view by scrolling in APPIUM PYTHON?

@anish10110 can you please share the python code for this
@vsksharma did you find a way to solve this?

@vsksharma I solved it for my iOS project:

find_category_elements = self.driver.find_elements_by_class_name('XCUIElementTypeCell')
total_categories = len(find_category_elements)
print total_categories