How to handle two different apps using launch argument on a same device? (iOS and Android both)

I have bunch of scenarios to test where I need two apps to be install on a same device. Note that both the apps needs to be launched using separate launch arguments and switch from one app to other in between the test. I am mentioning a sample scenario below

Pre-requisite: My both apps have some initial pop-ups and pages which are not required to be showing up for automation tests. We have a launch argument support for both the apps to disable those pop-ups

Scenario: Tapping on payment method from App B should open that payment page in App A

Test Steps: Launch app A with launch arguments -> Background app A -> Launch app B with launch arguments -> Do some automated steps -> Go to payment page on app B -> Tap on ‘Debit’ payment option in app B-> Make sure that opens ‘Debit’ Payment page on App A -> Navigate back to app B -> Continue running the same tests for other payment methods

May I please know if this is possible using any version of Appium?

Note: I want to run this type of tests on both Android and iOS devices