How to hide Keyboard using appium at java client 5.0.4 version

In the latest version java client Hidekeyboard() function not appeared.

Is there any other technique is present

How to handle the hidekeyboard methrolory in appium client

Iā€™m using java client 6.0.0
Hope will help, my code to hide the keyboard is:

public void hideKeyboard() {
while (driver.isKeyboardShown()) {
try {

		} catch (Exception e) {

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Thanks Zuzeac.
Then i have one doubt how to scroll in native app using Java Client 6.0.0
Then how to use this executeScript in JavaScript
driver.executeScript(script, args)

Find more about scroll/swipe-TouchActions here How to use touch action in new java client 6.0.0-BETA4
About javaScript, I have no idea right now