How to identify elements of Whatsapp and Instagram android app

Hi Appiumite’s

Am able to identify elements of app’s like Facebook using Appium Inspector and UIAutomatorViewer tool. Thanks to Appium team and UIAutomatorViewer guys. But when I try to inspect element of Whatspp app like chats messages list, contact list, instagram home page, am only seeing a snapshot but not the UI heirarchy elements to get the elements attributes, xpath’s. Is there any other tool or some workaround to identify elements. Can somebody shed some light on this.

Use Appium Doctor in Appium and record the session, You will find the scripted xpath,then Use it in your script
But All you need is Macintosh OSX --MUST

i believe you have just smiles! in list view.

Appium Doctor is used to check all the required application are available with Appium. I ran the doctor, but it only ran ios and android checks.

Can you please suggest me the steps to follow.


Yes, You r right, There are emoji on screen. Anyway thanks.