How to identify graphs through Appium inspector?

I m not able to identify graphs present on screen . Inspector shows all the components present on screen but not only graph. Please help me out…

Which OS? What kind of graphs? Is it native, hybrid, or web app? Provide please more details…

Hi Kirill,

Many thanks for the reply… :smile:

My app is running on iOS 8.1 .(iphone 5s ) Its native app. You can get more info my previous post . Please check this app screen shot , u can get some idea… I am trying to identify this below graph through our Appium inspector and i m not able to get complete hierarchy , only for the graph its not giving any component name. I checked with developers the graph is plotted with the help of Core Plot framework on iOS. Its custom view. Please help me with if possible.

Interesting… What does page source method returns?

I didn’t use pagesource method kirill . Is it will help ?? What i will get through this , wait wll try to use this method and let u know the results.

Yeah. Try it.
I know that there are cases, when you can’t work some of the elements. For example on Android, you can’t work with cells of GridView, as I know… And seems like your custom view is limited in this case.
PS. And make sure that it is native app, not hybrid with WebViews…

Update: As an option, look on source code and see if devs you some specific selectors or something…

I tried with getPageSource() for above application screenshot method but after getting the print for that , graph hierarchy is missing . I m able to get the complete hierarchy through MonkeyTalk tool in that the for graph the component name is MSLineChartView . I am using Appium in my company n i want to perform this through Appium. Any alternative solution??? What’s the reason its not able to identify that particular graph part from screen ???

Seems like Appium doesn’t support custom views. You should try UIAutomatorviewer :+1:

But UIAutomatorviewer is for android right???
Is it will work for iOS?? And UIAutomatorviewer is a tool so i need to run the test suite also through this only ??

Oops. Sorry. I forgot, that you are running on iOS… Of course it is for Android only. :smiley:

No problem… But this will be drawback for Appium. I think after implementing Custom Views in Appium it will be strong and robust .

Request to Appium developers please implement Custom views also so that user can able to automate custom type of graphs .

Just wanna make sure… Can you please call available contexts methods and see what you got?

How to call current contexts methods???

Sorry, I meant available contexts…
Make sure to pick your language:

Set contexts = driver.getContextHandles();
Iterator iterator = contexts.iterator();

	// check values
	while (iterator.hasNext()){
		System.out.println("Value: " + " ");  


Ok, so that’s exactly from this screen, right?

yes from above screen