How to identify the text having web view class with or without content-desc

Hi ,

We need to get the text content present under the web view screens of application and it either gives content-desc in some cases and not.


This is very wage to respond your query. How others know properties of your application objects.

Better post screenshot of your UIAutomatorViewer or Inspector, so that someone can help.

I cannot put the image but can give some details from UI Auotomator, when we capture the screen of application.

Index = 1
Text = (Nothing is displayed here in UIA )
Resource ID = (Nothing is displayed here in UIA )
Class = android.webkit.WebView
Package =
Content-desc = (Nothing is displayed here in UIA )

Now we want to verify the contents/text under this class. Also when we try to select the text of the screen under the view of UIA , it selects the layout only and not the particular contents / text. But sometime we are able to get the content -desc available.